Do I need to seal my new concrete driveway?

You should apply a high-quality sealer to all exterior concrete slabs. The sealer
helps protect the concrete from moisture absorption, exposure to chemicals, and
grease and oil stains. On decorative coloured concrete, a sealer will also help enhance the colour . Regardless of the sealer you use, be sure it’s applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

What if the colour isn’t what I expected?

It’s unrealistic to expect to precisely match the colour of your concrete
driveway to a showroom sample, a neighbour’s decorative concrete driveway, or a photo from
a brochure. Even plain concrete can exhibit colour variations, especially if the project
requires more than one load of concrete or if the concrete placements are made on different
days. Most of these variations are minor and will fade over time.

Can I get a warranty for my concrete driveway?

Yes! AP Concrete will warrant their work, and you can extended the
warranty. Speak to us about this before signing up for the project.


Is it difficult to maintain?

No, it’s not hard to maintain as long as you wash any contaminates of as soon as
possible. Your supplier should provide you with maintenance and care instructions for your
decorative concrete surface.